>> Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday....

.... good?


  • because all of our goodness is no more than filthy rags
  • because He was willing to put away all His goodness and become sin for us.
  • because if He had not sacrificed His goodness, there would not be a resurrection from the dead 
  • because He can fill us with His goodness and replace those filthy rags
  • because without His sacrifice we would not have any goodness to bring to a dying world
  • because that goodness that He brings to our lives makes this life worth living
  • because His act of kindness inspires us to bring His goodness to others
 To the world, the cross is a sign of grotesque punishment, shame and suffering.

To me it is joy, hope and the greatness and GOODNESS of God Almighty.

May His name be praised forever for His Wonderful Gift to us.

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