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>> Saturday, March 13, 2010

As an avid crocheter, I have long drooled over the lovely knitted patterns I have seen. I have also joked, however, that the knitters need a crochet hook to "fix" thier knitting mistakes... so I will just stick to my hook. Nevertheless, I still admire the knitted way.

My mother taught me to knit shortly after she taught me to crochet. I was about 8 or 9. After losing the stitches down the length of my work a few times, I got frustrated and put it down. Once or twice over the past few years I have picked it up again and tried to do it. Only to be frustrated again.

Two decades later I have decided to pick it up again.

I met a lady in a Drs. office who was knitting while I crocheted. We were both waiting for our appointments. She was also a left-handed crocheter and had started knitting to finish her edges with a more store bought look. She began to tell me about continental method. It fascinated me. It made more sence to me than the method I have previously attempted.

So I decided to give it a try. Here is the video I am viewing today as I start my journey into the world of knitting.

Do you knit? What method do you use? Any advice for a beginner?

Oh, and I won't be starting with the perverbial scarf. Instead I will be making swatches of different stiches that I can use later as one would granny squares.
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