What I've been up to... (Part 2)

>> Thursday, December 10, 2009

What I've been up to... (Part 1)

While I have been surfing the web attempting to learn the web-gibberish necessary to improve this blog, I have also been ...

...Crafting and Sewing

Pet Rock Magnets*
The boys and I made these as party favors
for the 1970's party we gave my mother.

Victoran Hat Christmas Ornament*
The frame is made from items in my recycle box!

Decorative "Guest" Bath Towel*
Christmas Gift for DH's Grandmother

I had fun making this.
Loved matching the colors.
The inside of the flower is a crocheted coil.
I think it adds nice texture.

Candy Bouquet*
This was a fun treat for my boys.
They have dubbed them "Candy Meteors"!

These are candy bars made into roses.
It can be done with almost any candy.
Makes a fun valentine gift-- even for the guy!

Click to see this larger!
This was a BLAST to make.
Simple and only ONE seam on the sewing machine!
This Birthday Banner* has been up for 3 birthdays now.
I wanna make one that says "Merry Christmas" next!

Boys Indian Pouch*
I made this is a Kindergarden Sunday School class full of boys.
They thought it was "so cool."
My inspiration was Pa Ingles' "Shot Pouch"
In "Little House on the Prairy."
It was the holder for the matching game (shown below)
This was very easy. NO SEWING.

This is a handmade matching game.*
The most expensive part was the stickers
(not an issue if you have some on hand)
I took a bunch more pictures,
but this is the only one that turned out. (*POUT*)
All the items with an astric (*) are potential tutorials. If any of them interest you, let me know! I'll post those first.

More to come...

-------I LOVE COMMENTS!!!!!!!-------

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Craftster Handle: Measure-once-cut-twice
Crochetville Handle: Beyondallmeasure

Come craft with me!


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