What I've been up to... (Part 1)

>> Thursday, December 10, 2009

 While I have been surfing the web attempting to learn the web-gibberish necessary to improve this blog, I have also been ...

...sporting a new hair do.

This is a photo my munchkin took- Can you tell?
As I have mentioned before, I love long hair but had damaged mine with a perm.
I didn't mind cutting it 'cause I knew  I would grow it long again.


Apple Peel Jelly*

Optimis Prime Cake*


Sunflower Washi (my own design)*

The Best Ever Potholder!*
I recieved this (and it's two sisters) as a wedding gift.
They were hand made for me by a 12 year old girl from my husband's church.
They have lasted longer than all the store bought ones I recieved!
I am in the process of reverse engineering the pattern to make some more.

...teaching my boys

Homeemade theatre* made from cardboard

The inside.
 Complete with a curtain that the performer can see through,
but not the audience.
And a string that pulls the curtain back when the act starts.

Here are my boys decorating the outside..
This was part of our art class,
but I used it as a character developement exercize.
The boys have a hard time working together and sharing,
so I switched them around and had them draw in between
 where the other had perviously.
That way, there wasn't "my side" and "his side."
Also the Elder had a hard time accepting
 the Little One "messing up" his work.
It is not that he was drawing on top if his brother's work, just between,
but the Elder is SUCH a perfectinist, it was a BIG stretch for him!
We had to stop a few times and talk about attitude and being kind!

Learning about traditions (Social Studies)
Click on this worksheet to see what we are learning about.
Feel free to use it with your own munchkins!
Keep it--- it will be fun to look back at
when little ones are grown.


Handmade rug-hooked potholders
Found at my very favorite thrift store called "H20" (Help-2-Others)
50 cents for a set of three!
These are going on my wall,
as they match my livingroom colors.

Here's the back.
I have been studying it trying to figure out how they finished it.

Vintage Craft Magazines
Purchased at St. Vincen't DePaul
Their craft books are $3.99 each (ouch!)
But their craft magazines are only $.49 each.
Even with the high price of the craft books, I still often buy them.
They have the best selection in the area
and they cost about the same as I would pay for SHIPPING
if I ordered off AMAZON.com

All the items with an astric (*) are potential tutorials. If any of them interest you, let me know! I'll post those first.

More to come...
-------I LOVE COMMENTS!!!!!!!-------

WWW.Beyond-All-Measure.Com (under construction)
Craftster Handle: Measure-once-cut-twice
Crochetville Handle: Beyondallmeasure

Come craft with me!


Ghost December 10, 2009 at 4:26 AM  

what an interesting post. I would love a look inside those magazines.

Beyond All Measure December 10, 2009 at 10:08 AM  

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Maybe I will post some patterns from the vintage books. Some of them are no longer under copyright laws.


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