Thank you letters for little ones (or for those who want to do it fast!)

>> Thursday, December 31, 2009

 This is a re-post. I noticed all the thank you letters for kidlets popping up around the internet and thought I would share the ones I made for my boys this last year. I print them out on colored card stock or post card paper from avery.

 There is so few words to fill in that even a kindergartner can do it with some help. 

I mail them like post cards. Depending on your local postal system, you may get them returned to you unless they are exactly the right size and weight. My old town refused to send them (they returned 24 post card invitations one time AFTER the stamps had gone through thier machine)  so I would have to go to the next town over to mail them.. I think someone in the post office was having a major power trip! I have noticed that the smalleer towns are more particular. I think the larger post offices don't have the time to be picky. I just hate that they make me pay for mailing them twice! LOL!

If you use them, let me know what you think.

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