So when the dish soap freezes should I worry about the pipes?

>> Wednesday, December 9, 2009

... down to 8 degrees last night.

Now I know that all you "northerners" just scoffed.
Before you think we are all major wimps, let me explain...

This is Oregon. It RAINS here. It MAYBE snows less then one inch about one or two days of the year. (not even any snow right now!)

We are used to 40 degree weather.

We are simply not PREPARED for the COLD.

Case in point: my wood stove keeps us warm when it gets down to 30 degrees. However, the past few days, we have had to close off all rooms EXCEPT the livingroom, and use the fireplace AND a space heater just to keep the room bareable. And I am typing this wearing two dresses, a wool sweater and insulated socks --while the sun is shining on me through the window! The stove just can't keep up.

Our whole family is sleeping in the livingroom in front of the fire place!

Houses HERE are simply not built for this kind of weather....

By the way, ever tried to cook in a freezing cold kitchen? It is almost impossible to wash dishes with frozen dish soap. Did you know that pam spray goes out in a solid stream when it's freezing? LOL! We usually have cereal for breafast. We have been eating a lot of HOT eggs. The kitches IS THE FRIDGE! Atleast I know that if I leave food out too long it won't go bad.

We have learned a few things about our new house. The kitchen needs insulated (it is the old garage). We need to replace the vintage windows (*pout*). There is no weather stripping around our front door. I am hoping that I can convince DH not to get rid of ALL the items that make our house unique (ie the vintage, original-to-the-house stuff).

One a side note, one nice thing about NOT being OCD is I don't really care about the fact that this is screwing up what is "normal"! I am having a great time!

Oh, and about the pipes...
my Hero Plumber (DH) says they are fine-- for now!

Ahhhh... that's more like it.
The cold where it belongs... in the MOUNTAINS.
So I get go home when I have had enough!
(photo: Mt. Hood as seen from Portland, Oregon-- source)
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