>> Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Okay, so this is way off topic, but here goes....

 I have not delved into my extensive health problems here on the blog.

But induldge me.

I weigh 230lbs.
There I said it.

When I got married I weighed 120.
Depressing, isn't it?

No, I am not a slob.
I am VERY careful about what I eat.

It is my genetics playing against me.

My Great Grandmother died of Diabetes complications and was 300lbs.
My Grandmother (I am her spitting-image) is over 300 lbs
and has had to have multiple hip/knee replacements.

I have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes,
I am on medication that curbs the hunger created by diabetes,
but I am not losing weight.

After my 1st son was born I was able to lose 45 lbs using
the American Diabetes Asocciation Diet.
However, I have a new Dr. who has forbid me to eat like I did then.

In order to lose weight, I had to eat ONLY 1000 calories per day.
My Dr says I will starve myself.

1000 calories per day looks about like this--

1/2 banana, unsweetened ice tea, 
1 oz cheese stick,
  oat and honey granola bar

sandwich with l piece of bread, no condiments,
one slice of lean meat,
unsweetened ice tea,
1/2 apple,
and 1 branch fresh broccoli

unsweetened ice tea,
1 cup of casserole,
1/2 c. cooked veggies.

lots of water
And NO snacking

My children eat more than this!

Obviously I have not been using the 1000 calorie diet,
since Dr forbid it.

SO I have tried to increase my exercize.

And I have ended up hurting myself.

I have spranged an ankle,
and fractured a bone in my foot all in the last year.

My weight is just too much for my legs and feet to handle.

I am eating as little as DR will allow.
But I am not losing.

I feel like I have been beating my head against a brick wall.
I cannot eat little enough to lose the weight cause it is unhealthy.
and I cannot excercise regularly 'cause I hurt myself.

When I do exercise,
I start to lose the weight, then get hurt,
can't exercise for a while, and gain it all back.


It is sooooo frustrating.

I know that, ideally, I would hire a trainer or join a gym,
but that is not very financially viable right now.

Have you lost weight?
How did you do it? 

Do you know of anyone 
who has lost weight
without using the conventional
"eat less; move more"?

IT is embarrassing to even see those weight numbers in print
'cause the popular idea to day is
that over wieght people are gross slobs.


I am careful.
But it is not enigh.

DH makes me sick.
He consumes 5 sodas, 2 candy bars, and fast food

15 LBS.

I can't even remember the last time I had a candy bar.

Occasionally  I will take a bite of his.

Or buy one so I can have A TASTE.
.. and give him and the boys the rest.


Do you have any suggestions for me?

Thanks for any advice you can give.

-------I LOVE COMMENTS!!!!!!!-------

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