Ornament #2 -- Gold Heart

>> Saturday, October 3, 2009

I just hate that my camera isn't working! The scanner simply isn't as good. The scanner top smashed it so it doesn't look nearly as purdy.

Gold Heart Ornament
small amount of super-small Aida cloth (not sure the thread count as it was a remnant)
gold or gold-ish embroidery floss (I used DMC 3045)
8" long of 1" pleated ribbon edging in gold and red
Gold or red thread
6-8" of 1/4" white ribbon
2" Gold tassel
Cross stitch needle
Sewing needle

Don't worry if you haven't cross stitched before. It is super simple! This is great for a first-timer because it is so small of a project! Our friends at About.com have a start-to-finish cross stitch tutorial for beginners.

A few notes to mention:
The black lines (2-squares in from the edge of the graph) indicate where I sewed on my ribbon edging; they are not lines that you stitch!
I used a satin stitch (also called "outline stitch" or "back stitch" and illustrated here) around the entire heart after my "X's" were done to give it a finished look.

Follow the graph to complete your gold heart.

With the starting edge of your ribbon at the bottom of the aida cloth(but not UNDERNEATH), hand stitch your ribbon around the heart, trying to stay 2 squares away from the heart. Because the ribbon was pleated I found the corners a bit of a challenge. Consequently, I ended up sewing my ribbon in more of a octagon shape than a square. The corners were not at right angles as the ribbon would not allow for it (though it does look more even that the scan indicates). In the end it looked more like a circle, which I like better than a square anyway! When you have gone completely around your heart, fold over the ending edge of ribbon and sew it to itself to create a finished edge. Then sew the beginning of the ribbon behind it.

Fold the white ribbon in half and stitch it to the top middle of the Aida cloth on the back side.

I chose to cut the tassel off of its hanger-string. I then stitched through the top middle of the tassel and attached it to the bottom edge of the ribbon, centering it under the heart.

Sit and admire.


If something doesn't make sense leave a comment and I will try to clarify! If my camera was working I would to a step-by-step. Lord willing it will be fixed soon. My big brother took it to see if he can salvage the pictures on the memory card.... I hate losing pictures of my little ones....

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