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>> Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I wish I could find my camera cord... you know -- the one that loads the pictures onto the computer? It is SOMEWHERE amongst all the half-unpacked boxes and school supplies!

I have been putting off this post because I wanted to show you the picture, but, alas, it was not to be....

The picture was of my Daily Classes Chart for homeschooling. See, I am VERY visual. AND I "fell off" my lesson plan "train" last year because I misplaced my planning book ( we were remodeling and living half time in OUR house, half time in my IN-LAWS house! It's a wonder I could find ANYTHING).

So I devised a hang-on-the-wall chart that would list EVERY day, poem, verse, or lesson that I wanted to accomplish during the span of the school year. There is a box for each one that the boys can put stickers in. No losing the plan. I see it everyday so I remember to actually do school! And the boys LOVE putting the stickers on it! We use foil star stickers, you know the kind the Sunday school teacher had when you were little.

I made mine by hand..
.it took me HOURS....
then kicked myself when I realized I could have done it on

So I did make one up on the computer, while the inspiration was fresh.

Next year, all I have to do is print off what I need, tape the pieces together, and fill in the blanks.

Much more simple!

I thought I would share the chart.

The part with the long lines is where you put the class name. Tape as many of the just-squares pages as you need for your lessons. Label your classes. Number your squares. If you don't want the chart to be that long, let your numbering extend to the second line and leave the class line blank (that is what I did on my hand-made one).

This was so useful for me as it allowed me to SEE what we needed to get done this year!

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