The Tale of the Terror Child!

>> Thursday, July 16, 2009

Not much of a story really:

I took my boys to the park earlier this week. We often go to this park, but not during this time of day (which is VERY busy).

My boys were playing along when another boy about 2 or 3 came up to them and wanted to be where they were. They said he'd have to wait his turn and guess what he did?....

He bit my eldest in the middle of the back and broke blood vessels.

Then he scratched my younger down the side of his face drawing blood.

I had no idea any of this had happened til my Eldest yelled "Momma! He BIT me! Right on my back!"

We left. The boys had lost their interest in the play ground.

Maybe I should have tracked down the parent. But my thought was "if the kid is like this, what kind of parent does he have?!"

That kind of behavior would last exactly ONE time in my house. If my boys even dared TRY something like that.

Makes me wonder what the next generation will be like, what kind of world my grandchildren will be raised in.

...even so, Lord Jesus, COME!

...and soon!

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