Sometimes I wonder....

>> Thursday, July 2, 2009

...what parents are thinking.

I was in Walmart yesterday helping my little boys at the drinking fountain.

There was a little boy there. Not more than 2. His older sister (I presume) was chasing him around trying to get him to go back to their mother after she had taken him to the restroom. The little boy, obviously accustomed to NOT obeying, did what he had been trained to do, and --shockingly!-- didn't obey! After dragging and threatening and finally giving up, big Sis went to get Momma.

What happened next was what was truly disturbing. I didn't hear ALL of the conversation, but I will relay what I did hear.

Mother comes and gets boy and drags him back to her cart down the way. A moment later they drive buy us. She is putting him in the cart seat as he screams and yells "Why Mommy?"

To which she replies: "Cause you're such a ******. You're just such and ******. Sit your **** down there and stay, *****."

I never call my children names. I have even had to check myself because I sometimes find myself calling one of them "Silly Goose" when they are goofing off. I don't want to get the idea that I am making fun of them. Nor do I want them to get used to calling names, even relatively harmless ones. It is a slippery slope that I am trying to stay WAY away from. Mostly, I suppose, this is because name calling was so common when I was child and caused so much grief. I remember being told I laughed like a witch and being afraid to laugh out loud!

But this mother. Shame on her. To demean this child when he is so young and unknowing! And above all only doing what she has taught him, by her instruction or, LACK THERE OF, to do.

It is deplorable.

Unfortunately, it is getting all the more common.

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