Laundry problem-- CONQUERED!

>> Friday, July 10, 2009

Laundry is my worst enemy in the fight to keep my house clean. And the fact that I love CLOTHES and SHOPPING doesn't help my struggle any. SO I took on my enemy in face-t- face combat and WON!

Wednesday, I (with my mother's aid) took ALL the clothes to the laundry mat. I washed it all. All 10 big black garbage bags of laundry. I sorted through the laundry only keeping what we ABSOLUTELY needed and took the rest across the street to the Goodwill donation center (it was close... I don't usually take stuff to Goodwill.. I prefer the local charities).


What we left I put in grocery bags and took to our new house.

It was so FREEING!

To be rid of all the STUFF!

I made a list of what we really needed and that is what I used to get by and used that list to decide what to keep and what to get rid of.

Please note that my plan involves getting rid of nearly everything at the change of a season spring/summer and fall/winter) and buying new clothes. NOT saving anything that doesn't fit. And saving very few items from year to year.


'Cause I value my sanity.

And I live in a small space.

Here is the list I made:

Boy’s clothes
Year Round
dress pants 2 each
dress shirts 2 each
dress vest 2 each
dress sweaters 1 each
suit jacket 1 each
underwear 9 each
socks 7 each
reg coat 1 each
dress shoes 1 each
cowboy boots 1 each
sweater 1 each
pj shorts 3 each
pj shirts 5 each
pj pants 3 each

wind breaker 1 each
short shirt 7 each
shorts 3 each
sandals 1 each
water shoes 1 each
swim trunks 1 each

bibs/jeans 3 each
long shirts 7 each
winter coat 1 each
mittens 1 each
scarf 1 each
winter hat 1 each
rubber boots 1 each

Sarah’s clothes
Year Around
socks 7
underwear 7
undershirts 4
bras 2
sports bra 2
nylons 2
formals 3
slip/petticoat 2
dress shoes 2
walking shoes 1
night gowns 3
pj pants 2
work shirts 3
work skirts 2
jeans 1

Swimming suit1
skirts 5
Dresses 2
light blouses 5
vest 2
dress jackets 3
sandals 1

sweaters 3
dresses 2
skirts 5
heavy blouses 5
sweaters 3
leggins 2
boots 2

DH’s clothes
Work clothes
bright tshirts 7
button up shirts 7
work pants 7
underwear 14
grey socks 7
work shoes 1
work sweaters 3
gloves 1
ski cap 2
coveralls 2

Dress Clothes
long dress shirts 3
short dress shirts 2
undershirts 3
dress pants 2
dress vest 1
suit jacket 2
black socks 4
dress shoes 1
dress coat 1
ties To match

Casual Clothes
reg shoes 1
hiking boots 1
short sleeve shirts 5
long sleeve shirts 5
hooded sweater 1
sweaters 3
wind breaker 1
casual pants 2
shorts 2
swim trunks 1
sandals 1
sweat pants 1

I have found that some things we don't have nearly enough of (such as DH's pants -- he only has 2 which get very dirty on the construction site. I don't want to have to wash pants every day.) Some of the items I have left with a high minimum because it is better to have a few too many than not enough (such as undies).

This will mean more frequent washings. Perhaps every 3 days or so. But everything we have could be washed in so few loads that I will be doing less laundry overall. And I will not have piles of laundry in my hallway and garage!

What a RELIEF!

My inspiration for this?

Reading Little House on the Prairie to my boys, I realized how few THINGS a family really needs to be happy.

Maybe fewer things make life happier because it makes life simpler.

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Come craft with me!


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