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>> Monday, June 8, 2009

This morning, as I was getting breakfast and lunch for DH, he leaned over, kissed me and told me "Thank you" for getting up with him in the mornings. It was very sweet... and genuine. It touched my heart.

It may seem odd to some women that I get up with him.

But not me.

My mother got up with my father every day when I was growing up and still does. Even when she was in a car accident and had a ruptured disk she did as much as she could do to help him get ready in the morning.

I have been getting up with DH in the mornings for nearly 9 years now. Through pregnancies, sickness and what-not, I have always made an effort to do as much as I could. There have been a handful of times when I was very sick or insomnia-ridden that DH fended for himself. But in those cases he did so willingly.

It is a badge of honor that I wear proudly--- that I am able to care for him.

In so many parts of my life I feel that I fall short, but not in this one area of caring for my husband.

I may not be that thinnest or the most beautiful of woman, but I CAN take care of my man.

And I knew I was doing a good job when DH's co-workers began refering to me as "Forbes' Sweet Wife."

That made it worth it all. Not the praise. But the knowledge that I had honored my husband. The men at his work were jealous of him, and wanted to know what it was about him that made his wife treat him so wonderfully? (I had been bringing hom hot coffee and warm lunch on Winter days when he was working outside, to name one thing they saw.)

He is worth it, but it isn't that. Regardless of his character, my honor is a gift I choose to give him. Taking care of him is an OUTWARD expression of that honor.

It is also a way of drawing others to Christ. Because of the way I treat him, he was able to talk about the faith. I guess that is why God says a marriage should show people Christ.

"Behind every great man is a great woman," is the saying. This is becasue the honor of a supportive wife makes that man seem even greater. A man can tout his own greatness and everyone rolls thier eyes. But if he has a honoring wife, he must be great cause (presumably) she knows him better than anyone else and she still thinks he is great!

It wasn't until I undertood this that I comprehended why the Proverbs 31 woman was able to increase her husbands position of leadership in thier town simply by being his wife. She didn't do anything except have a reputation of godliness. Her greatness was obvious by her actions and such a woman would (so it seems) only be married to a great man (or why would such a woman honor a man who didn't deserve it?). This assumption alone brought him honor, respect and position in the city.

I wonder what else we can do for our husband simply by honoring them as the Bible says?

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