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Fit to be tied.

Beside my self.

Ready to hit something.



That is about how I feel today. Have you ever noticed that just about the time you figure out how to respond to your child's current shenanigans they change what they are doing?

Well, my Eldest, hit the grade-school-boy stage this week. He knows everything. He is better than every one else. And he certainly DOES NOT need to be told what to do because he already knows EVERYTHING.

My second born woke up last week to realize he didn't HAVE to obey Momma if he didn't want to. Now, Child #1 had this one figured out at about 18 months old. And it was a knock-down-drag-out-battle that went on for months. Child #2 just never figured it out. Until now. He is almost 5. My sweet, compliant child has become a hellion.

Now, I am quite strict with my children when we are in a store. My mother will testify so. They hold on to their side of the cart. They are not to let go unless asked to get something or help with something. The elder is left handed so he is on the left. The younger is right handed so he is on the right. I don't care if I am in a store for 3 minutes or 3 hours. I expect them to stay where they are and to their job, which is to help me with whatever I am doing. Someday, I have told them, they will have to take care of a wife, for now they just have to help their mother. That is the JOB God gave them until they are grown.

Rewind my life about 2 hours ago....

I was in Walgreen's. They were having a bunch of sales and I was trying to match coupons with sales, ads, and register rewards. I know that I was in there for over an hour. But that does not matter. One day I dragged them into Walmart and we were there for 4 hours! I am doing my job: trying to manage the family budget. They SHOULD be doing their job.... aiding me with whatever needs done. That day in Walmart they were very good. Bored, but obedient.

Today was VERY different....

My youngest was running circles around the cart. My eldest was tackling him and pulling him to the ground and trying to wrestle with him. And this was in the first 5 minutes of being in the store. It only got worse from there. I actually resorted to swatting in the store soemthing I RARELY do. I think that the checker thought I was their Drill Sargent not their mother as I told them "Child, sit there. Fold your hands. Do NOT say a word. If you touch your brother there will be consequences." Ect...

When we got home, I ran into use the bathroom and instructed them to bring in the groceries. I returned outside to find them ON THE TRAMPOLINE. These sort of things may be normal for some families, but my children know better (or SHOULD KNOW BETTER) than to ignore my instructions.

I was livid. It was embarrassing enough to have the WORST BEHAVED CHILDREN IN THE STORE, especially since mine are usually the best behaved, according the the Walmart employees. But to be ignored? Disregarded? This was TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. I did not take it personally, I simply KNOW WHAT I EXPECT.

I hate days like today. They are the hardest. But they are also the MOST IMPORTANT. To have let such behaviour go unchecked would have spelled disaster. It also would have been a terrible disservice to my children who need to be taught what is right.

So they were corrected, in the most Biblical sence of the word. I was harder on them then I have in a long time and maybe harder than the little one can ever remember. But, Lord willing, he will not forget this. It may have been hard on them, but it was harder on me. Aside from the emotions, I do not like to discipline; I do it because we are commanded to.

Fastward to now:

They are outside playing.... peacefully.... together. They are tending to a small fire pit on our back patio (getting little sticks and such to add to it). No arguing. No quarreling. No fighting. They come running when I call, just as they should. They are HAPPY, content children: they know where the boundries are, because Momma showed them that, even though they are changing and growing, the rules are NOT.

Lord, thank you for days like today, but, please, make them few and far between. I don't know how much my heart can handle!

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Walters Inc July 16, 2009 at 2:27 PM  

Boundries are so important Sarah!
I agree with you 100%!
I had some great advice a while back from a friend. Discipline is like a funnel... keep it tight at the beginning and then, when they are older, they are ready to be allowed more as they show discipline and maturity.
So many parents have the funnel of discipline upside-down. Letting little Johnny 3 year old and Jenny 18 month old dictate their own schedule and decide what is best for themselves.

Also, I understand about those days, they can be so trying.... you did correct thing though!

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