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>> Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My husband is a riot. He loves to experiment with what ever is near by. Especially when he is bored or hungry or waiting in a restaurant for our food to be ready.

Last week we were in our local A&W waiting for them to call his name to get our food. He had already spent some time getting ketchup and napkins and soda.

Still no food.

*Tap-tap* His fingers on the table.

Then he starts looking around for something else to do.

Ah... Heinz Ketchup packets.

He takes a napkin, wraps it around his hand and begins to twist one of the packs of ketchup.

I raised my eye brow at him.


"You know that is going to make a mess, right?"

"I have a napkin."


I decide to just let it go.

At that moment it did go.

The ketchup.

All over.


The boys laughed *Daddy is so neat!*

DH laughed. So did I.

"Didn't think it make that big a mess." he told me, sheepishly.

Just then they called his name to get the food.

"I'll get the food on the way back from the bathroom-- I'm gonna wash my hands."

I love my husband.

It is never boring.

We ate our dinner and left.

I thought that was the end of the ketchup packet adventures.

I was wrong...

A few days later the boys and I were at BK. I don't usually get them kids meals but they were on sale for $.99 which is how much a regular burger costs me, so I gave in.

I don't know what the worker was thinking putting ketchup in the >KIDS< bag that was going into a CAR.

But anyway.

I'm driving along eating my chicken burger and drinking my diet coke, when I hear:

"OOOPPS" It came from my oldest. It was almost a whisper.

That is one thing you DON'T want to hear when you are driving down the road with two boys and FOOD in the back of the car.

"What?" I asked with dread in my voice.

Then my youngest started squealing with laughter.

Oh no. That CAN'T be good.

I glace back and see ketchup.

On the ceiling of my car.

In my just-detailed-because-someone-broke-out-the-back-window car.

There was a line of ketchup stretching from the dome light all the way down the back window to the back dashboard.

"Daddy's didn't make such a mess." My oldest told me in his own defense.

"Child, don't do that again."

What was I supposed to say? Monkey see monkey do, right?

"Okay, Momma."

I should have paid more attention to see that he actually cleaned it up when we got home.

But a few days later....

We're driving in the car with DH.

DH notices the mark on the ceiling.

"What's on the ceiling?"

"My son," I laughed "tell your father where the stuff on the ceiling came from."

After the story was related DH says, "just because I do it doesn't mean you can."



That will work.

Who knew such a small thing could cause such an ordeal?

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