Moccasins for the Chief, the brave, and the Squaw-- free crochet pattern

>> Tuesday, May 12, 2009

By Sarah Forbes, Beyondallmeasure, 2009

See photo here.

Ok, so I HATE math.

But I love to draw and design.

So math is a necessary evil.

This is my design for moccasins with the algebra simplified so the pattern can be adapted to anyone trying to make a shoe for themselves.

(If you want to make it for someone else, you might need to measure their foot in inches and then figure out how many stitches per inch you are crocheting in order to fill in the correct numbers.)

I made my shoes using a G hook and Worsted weight yarn. Look on your yarn package for the recommended hook size. Ch 2 counts as a DC throughout the pattern

*Ch until it spans the narrowest part of your foot (the instep) Count your stitches--that number is A ____

*ch 2, 1 DC in each of the stitches across (number of stitches should equal A____),
Repeat until length of square spans from your heel to your pinkie toe. (Count the number of rows– that number is B______); sole made.

*Chain 2, Now begin double crocheting AROUND the sole of the moccasin. On the short ends, you will crochet ____( A) stitches. Around the long ends you will crochet _____(B)x2=____, spaced so that two stitches are in the sides of each row (evenly space these as best as you can). When all 4 sides are finished, join with a slit stitch to beginning stitch. Repeat rounds until the moccasin sides reach the bottom of the ball of your ankle.

*Now crochet the top of the shoe as follows: DC across the front of the shoe (A), Repeat until moccasin is as tight or as close to your ankle as you wish it.

*Finish off. Weave in ends.

*Repeat for second shoe using notes and numbers from first moccasin.

If you have any problems with this pattern PLEASE email me and let me know!
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Come craft with me!


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