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>> Saturday, May 9, 2009

What an INSANE few weeks:

--First of all Firefox updated and the new version is reeking havoc on my internet experience! The thing is constantly crashing! Hope they fix it soon. I am going crazy!

--We have been sick too. Doesn't seem to want to go away. At my mother's prompting, I looked up swine flu-- and, no, it's not swine flu. My youngest ran a fever as high as 104 for nearly three weeks. I asked the DR and they said so long as Tylenol made it go away, not to worry. So we repeated this cycle: High fever, Tylenol, low fever, high fever, Tylenol, low fever. Finally went away, but we missed a lot of thier swimming lessons. Now I have a head cold and DH has an upset tummy.

--My chicks and ducks are up and out of the box. We set up a temporary pen beside our garage. We thought we were going to be moving, so we didn't want to do anything permenent yet.

--I lost 2 chicks in 24 hours. It was raining cats and dogs (over two inches in just a few hours) and the duck pool filled to the brim. The chicks got into it and drowned. Ugh.... Crying little boys. *sigh*

--I lost the rooster last night. Not sure how, I think one of the neighbor cats must have killed it. (I am pretty sure it wasn't my cat, as he has been chased off a bunch and now seems to leave them alone.)

--My dream house, the one that I *thought* had jumped in price and then wrote that it hadn't.... doesn't matter what the cost is.... the house is *slidding* down the hill it was built (poorly) on. It is GORGEOUS cosmetically... A nightmare structurally.

--SO for now we are staying here in my 700 sq ft. Lord willing we will be adding another 1000 sq ft in the next few months (praise the LORD!) We are in the process of refinancing and getting our ducks in a row for the new building project.

--My mother's day present is my choice of a new stove. DH took me out to dinner and told me. I almost cried! You have to understand that the current stove has been a source of contention. It is from the 60s and classic looking. DH wanted to referbish it. Problem is that, in the meantime, I had to keep using it-- more than once it caught on fire. The tempurature controlls are unpredictable so I burn a lot of stuff. And the stove top has, basically, warm and high. I cannot make rice on the stove top cause it doesn't have any setting that will 'simmer' the rice.

--Prayer request: my sister, who is not walking with the Lord, is talking about sending her 3-1/2 year old to public school (preschool next year). My heart just aches. I'd homeschool him, but I live 20 minutes away and she works full time-- which makes it inconvienent for her. DH is concerned about my nephew's impact on our boys, since he is being raised in a non-Christian home. Please pray that God would make a way for him to be taught in a Christian environment, or, better yet, that He would get ahold of my sister's heart. Her name is Beka. And she's as stubborn as a mule.

-- I have started couponing. I saved over $50 at my local Walmart last week using coupons! I think I am addicted!

--My youngest accepted Jesus last week on our way home from grocery shopping. He was crying cause he felt so sad about all of his sin that he had. And was so sorry that he kept sinning. It was beautiful to see the Holy Spirit showing him his sin and his tender heart toward the things of God. Praise the Lord... both of my children have thier names written in the Lamb's Book of Life.

I have no greater joy than to see that my chilren walk in the truth. (Paraphrase of a verse in 1John.)

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