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>> Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Isn't it amazing how the same situation can be totally different in your eyes after a good nights sleep or even a few hours' nap?

My previous post was genuine. Raw emotion about how I feel about my life.

Life is hard--

But God is also Good.

My mother came over yesterday afternoon (bless her heart and thank the Lord for her) and helped me clean my kitchen which was in desperate need of HELP. My sister in law (my kindred spirit) came over today and helped me sort through "stuff" (I know I am not the only one who has too much of this).

What a freeing feeling to be unloading all this clutter -- no longer having to sort through the seer volume of 6 years of accumulated items when I need to find something. It is all going to a good cause too.... our local Right-to-Life is having a rummage sale this next month and all of the STUFF is GOING!

My front yard is full of boxes and bags. So is DH's truck. There is still furniture in the storage unit I haven't gotten to and I haven't even begun on the bedrooms yet (though I am nearly done with the rest of the house and garage, and have finished our shop and half of our storage unit.)

Can you believe the amount of stuff little boys have? And the stuff breeds like little bunnies on viagra. It's in the grass when we mow. It is the couch cushions when I lay down for a nap. It is in the bathtub when I shower. It is under the seats in the car and constantly having to be remove from all available or nearly-available horizaontal surfaces in the house. Sometimes I even find it in the fridge!

And what little boy needs 5 dress shirts and 8 pairs of dress pants? Soon my little ones will be pared down to a weeks worth of clothing. I am not going to be saving *anything* because I cannot find it when I need it since I lack the organiational skills necessary to retrieve such items. But if they only need a few items every season isn't it simpler to just go get them the needed items at WallyWorld than to try to store it and pay for the storage unit? And what a relief to be able to wash all thier clothing in a single large load! I am attenpting to apply this same idea to all clothes.

This of course cannot apply to all baby clothes because some of those little items I am just too sentimentaly attatched to to get rid and preplace if/when we have another baby.

I still had clothes in storage from before child #1 was born. I was a size 6. I can guarrantee I will NEVER be that size again. It was not a healthy weight for me, I really need to be atleast a size 10-12 because of my build.

During my post partum depression after son #2 I started hoarding craft supplies, especially fabric. I have gotten rid of more than a truckload of just fabric! and I am still getting rid of more! I haven't bought more than an occasional yard or two for a gift in over a year. I can actually go into Walmart craft section, look at the fabric and come out with NOTHING. This is a huge victory for me.
Sometimes it seems like I am stuck... not making any progress at all. But then I start to reflect on where God has truly brought me and I realze that all hope is not lost. I am NOT the same person I was 2 or 5 years ago.

God is still working on me.

And I am so glad, cause I know I am not complete yet.

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Come craft with me!


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