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Yesterday my oldest asked my why the story of Jonah ended so badly. I proceeded to tell him the highlights of the story, explaining that along the whole way of Jonah's experience, God kept showing him mercy and patience.

At first Jonah refused to obey at all. Then when he saw he had no choice (remember the whale?) he decide to obey, but his obedience was only on the outside (his heart was not in it). He was standing on the inside while sitting on the outside, as the saying goes.

He did as he was told to but afterward went into the desert to pout. Now a man could die in the desert, so God provided shade for Jonah while he pouted. Then a bug ate the plant that was shading him, so Jonah decided he just wanted to die.

In conclusion, I explained that what God had planned for Jonah was not what Jonah thought he wanted. Regardless of all the ways that God had taken care of Jonah, he refused to be happy with what God had for him.





I think I just found a little bit of Jonah in me.

My life is not what I planned. It is not what I had hoped and dreamed it would be when I was young. And I have struggle greatly in being satisfied with where God has put me.

I guess like Jonah I will only be happy when I realize that God has taken care of me, been gracious to me and this is HIS PLAN for my life.

Or my story can end unhappy like Jonah's. I can hold it against God that He didn't do things my way and risk not being usable by Him for His work.

But that is not what I want.

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Terri May 17, 2009 at 3:15 PM  

I totally agree with you here. God does want us to need Him. Jona is a great exampe of God's love.

~Terri and Ava

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