Slip-resistant soles for your handmade items-- craft tip

>> Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Though I am a barefoot kinda girl, the thought has occurred to me that not every one is. And I have thought about making slippers for those in my family who insist on coving thier feet with something other than an occassional blinket.

My primary concern, especially since this idea involved little people, was that I had no real confidence in the methods I had encountered in regard to non-slip soles.

Then I came upon this blog entry. I think she is REALLY on to something. In fact, I might have to invest in some of this to put on a current I-cant-talk-about-it-gift. When in doubt, see what the pros use... or atleast what the men use. They are usually less patient with the trial and error thing than we ladies are and they will definatelly let you know if something is not acceptable.

Reminds me of this recent conversation:
HIM: "Sweety, where are my socks?"
HER:"I put two in your drawer ealier."
HIM:"Um, yeah, a white one and a black one."
HER:"Well, no one can see them can they?"
HIM:"Sarah....." pause, *he's thinking* "Next time try to wash the same colors together, ok?" *sigh*
HER:"He is so patient with me, "I will try to remember that, My Love."

LOL! He is such a good husband and I am, well, an easily distracted, artsy-craftsy, computer geeky, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants girl.

Wonder that he loves me.

God is good.

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