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>> Tuesday, April 28, 2009

UGH.... what a surprise when we woke up from our Sunday afternoon nap to find this:

It was COMPLETELY smashed out. We filed a police report after describing it to the insurance agent who was quite certain that is could not have been done with out INTENT. There was nothing inside the car to indicate that it had been hit with a rock or the like. Somebody just smashed it out. Oddly enough we heard nothing, but it was a nice day and a bunch of the neighbors were mowing thier lawns. But we don't live really close together so it is not likely that they saw anything.

Now you have to understand that I live on a road that parallels a country highway. Nobody drives it unless you live on it or need to move your tractor and don't want to deal with the highway traffic. Note: not a FREEWAY, a boring little, 2-lane *state* highway. We don't even lock our doors unless we are going on vacation!

And imagine my surprise the next day when a young man I had never seen before knocked on my door (while I was talking to the auto glass repair company)and asked to buy my car because it was "obviously totalled" (umm.. what are you smoking?) He kept telling me he'd give me more for it that the insurance company was offering. He totally didn't get it.

"We're just replacing the glass. The car is not totalled. The company is paying for it because we have full coverage." (We had to have full coverage with our loan on it.)

He told me "Aww, man, I really wish you'd well me the car. Are you sure you won't sell it? " All the while I have the glass guy on the phone at my ear while I am trying to get this guy to GO AWAY!

I'm usually quicker on my feet than this...but I have been sick along with my youngest. Whatever this crud is that is going around gave me a major brain freeze. I should have taken his name and number and told him I would talk to DH and call him later. Cause EVERYONE who has heard this story has told me "that was your man."

Oh well. Can't get everythighn right all the time. Wish I had thought of it at hte time though. All I could think was "Go away. Can't you see I'm on the phone? And No you CAN'T have my car!"


I found out yesterday that one of the banks in a little 10,000 people town near by has been robbed 3 times in the last 2 weeks by the same man.... and they can't find him.

I guess small town America isn't as safe as we hoped.

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