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>> Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Doesn't this thing look like it should be in a bad 50's monster movie? Like "Attack of the giant killer worms"? Well, it isn't sci-fi. We found this in our yard, in a decomposing stup of a tree we cut down 3 years ago. It is huge! About 4" long. I wasn't sure what it was so the boys and I headed to the computer to google it. This is what we found:

It's the grub (baby) of a wood boarer beetle. According to the photgrapher of the pic on the left, the adult was hiding behind the baby in that pic. That is comforting, cause my thought was, "if that's the baby, HOW BIG IS MAMA?" But I guess the babies are bigger than momma is... whew!
Still, I had to put the thing back outside before it was bed time. Or I would have been having nightmares about large bugs. I know, I know... I can handle SNAKES.... just keep those creepy-crawlies away from me!
I'll add some more pics later... like the one of the grub next to a penny so you can see the SIZE!

I took a video of it too, but blogger wont upload my videos right now... bummer...
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