Good-Bye, Grinch!

>> Wednesday, April 1, 2009

There she is-- my clean sink. Now, before you get too proud of me... The worst of the dishes are soaking in the bath tub. I simply needed my sink clean. I couldn't handle it being so messy any more. For a while my Dishwasher wasn't working right and it seemed like more stuff came out on the dishes than went into the dishwasher. So I had a back up of dried-on, caked-on food particles that just needed to be soaked off.

As you can see my sink is not very big at all and I was slowly getting the gunk of the dishes. But it wasn't fast enough for my sanity! So the boys hauled the stuff to the bath tub and we will wash it all by hand.

I feel so much better now!

I did have to drain and refill the tub... my youngest thought it would be a good time to wash the undies he soiled last night too. You know since there was already soap and water in the tub. Kill two birds with one stone... EEWWW!!!

Remember-- in a pinch you have a great big sink just down the hall!

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