Frugal Hostess Gift idea and Butterfly Plant Poke-- free crochet pattern

>> Saturday, April 4, 2009

We were invited to an Easter party this weekend. It is an annual event hosted by a sweet lady from our church. I wanted to give her something as a thank-you for all of her hard work. I wanted it to be pretty and practical.
I chose a strawberry plant from Walmart ($3.50). I Cannot bring myself to pay the prices for the pretty wrapped up plants when I can reproduce the look cheaply at home with some aluminum foil and ribbon...

This is some wired ribbon I got on sale at Walmart for $.25/spool.

Just as pretty as the $8+ ones I saw at Walmart.
Just for good measure, I added a homemade plant poke. Took me ten minutes to make-- with writing that pattern down as I went!
Close up of butterfly.

Butterfly Plant Poke
By Sarah Forbes, beyondallmeasure
I hook.
Small amount of woiested weight yarn (I used blue)
Bamboo Squewer (or a sharpened pencil)
Hair spray or hair jell
Hot glue (optional)

Leaving 4 inch tail,Ch 8
Row 1: 1 sc in next 7 chs, 3 sc in last ch.
Row 2: Working overtop of tail, andWorking in unused side of the 8-ch, 1 sc in next 7 ch, 3sc in last ch. Join to form circle. Leave tail hanging do not work over it from this point on.
Row 3: Sl st in nect 4 SC ch 4 ,3 DTR in same st, 1 DTR in next st, 3 DTR in next st, ch3, st in same sp as 3 DTR, 1 sl st in next 8 sp, ch ,3 DTR in same st, 1 DTR in next st, 3 DTR in next st, ch3, st in same sp as 3 DTR, 1 sl st in next 4 sc. Finish off leaving 3 inch tail.

Pull tails up through butterfly so they are close together and on same side of butterfly.Using hair jell or hair spray, put jell or spray onto fingers and run along yarn tails about 1" closest to butterfly. Manipulate with fingers so "antena" go the way you want them to. Allow to dry. Place squewer through the middle of one of the original ch 8. or attach with hotglue to bottom of butterfly. Place pokey part in plant.

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Come craft with me!


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