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>> Sunday, April 5, 2009

I went to Costco with my mother on Friday. I was surprised to find hat they have some EXCELLENT prices. Better than I can get at the Grocer Outlet --esp. on cheeses.

While I was there I got myself some free posterboard. Betwen Crafts and homescholing one can never have enough larger sheets of this stuff. They use it to seperate the large packages of toilet paper and paper towels. I walked out with 3 sheets (4'x4' each) and no one even asked about it!

It is stiff enough to be used as a 'master' sewing pattern (one you plan to use over and over again).I am very pleased with my find and will snag some more when I go back next time!

Other freebies I have found:

"magazineholders"-- during back to shoool season, these kind of boxes can be found holding spiral notebooks or three ring binders! No one usually asks if you just stake a few of them that are empty or combine other boxes toget an empty one. Some times the boxes are made so you see the front of the magazine out the cut part. I usually store all the same mags together and just put the new one in the front. I don't mind sorting my magazines this way. Esp since they are FREE!

Small boxes for spices packs and such--Use them to store your spice packs, scrapbook sticker packs, mini recipe books or anything else which is small that you need to be able to *flip through* quickly.

Left over fabric bolt cardboards-- work great for storing fabric (duh), linens you don't want wrinked, iron on adhesive fabrics (if it is smashed it often doesn't work right), When ironing, wrap in a towel place inside and to help iron out hard spots.

Any other ideas for store throw-aways that can be made useful around the house?

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