Fowl Friends-- new additions to our little property

>> Saturday, April 11, 2009

Well, I finally did it... I got some fowl friends! Monday, I picked up 2 Malards--just a few days old, and Tuesday I picked up 5 pullets-- 1 rooster and 4 hens, they are about 2 weeks old. They are living in my dinning room right now. They are so cute. I have to keep the boys from smothering them or "PLAYING" with them as they call it. This usually means chasing, spooking, turning upside down or otherwise pestering! I am having a hard time getting them to understand that these are BABIES not TOYS. SO they have to ask before they touch.
Now, if I could just get the cat to ask first. So far he hasn't actually **eatten any**-- but I did find him with his arm in the box batting at them-- bad kitty!
I want the birds to like people and be freindly. But I don't want the boys to make them afraid of all children.

Here are my new additions:
The black one is the rooster (a dominik) I have 3 white somethings, and one red barred rock--last one she had). I am planning to name these birds after Shakespearian characters (the boys named the ducks-- see below): Sir Lancelot, Lady Beatric, Lady Portia, Lady Ophelia, Lady Juliet. I am not supersticious so I don't think that they will die just because I name them after characters who did die! LOL!

Here are the ducks... what characters!-- they *insist* on getting water EVERYWHERE. So they demolished this cardborad box and we had to move them to a rubbermaid bin yesterday. The boys have named these ones Squeeker and Squalker... we are not sure which is which yet... but one definatelly makes more noise than the other! But I still cant figure out which one is which!LOL!

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