Wire Ribbon Spring Flower-- free crochet pattern

>> Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wire Ribbon Spring Flower
By Sarah Forbes, Beyondallmeasure

I found this ribbon on sale at walmart for $0.25/spool.

I had to figure out something to make with it!

.875" wide Wired Ribbon, one spool each of purple, pink, green
P Hook

With purple, ch 4, 9DC in 4th Ch from hook, Join with SLST to top of CH 4. Finish off, draw all ends to middle backside of flower.
-Flower Center Made-

With pink, attach to back of purple with a slst, pull up a loop to the desired length of the petals, withdraw hook. Insert hook into next sp, draw lp through purple, Ch 1, draw that lp to the length of petal. Repeat. Evenly space 18 "sl st loop stitches" around. Finish off, draw all ends to middle backside of flower.
-Petals Made-

With green, ch 24, *sk 1, 1slst* 7x, Ch3, TR, Ch 3 (leaf made), slst in next ch, *sk 1, 1slst* rep to end.

-Stem Made-

Using ends, tie flower to stem with a knot. Trim ends so they are hidden behind the blossom.
Shape petals and stem as desired. Wires make them retain thier shape

Mine is going to be used instead of a bow on a babyshower gift. What will you use yours for?


Please use this pattern. Please link to this pattern. It's free, but it's mine. So please give me credit for it. Copyright 2009, Sarah Forbes


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