Safeway-- take two

>> Monday, March 30, 2009

I went back to Safeway today. Only this time I was armed with my ads, a notebook with the list of items I could potentially buy, and a calculator!

I came away with ground sausage, sandwich meat, canned goods, and much more. The challenge was to be sure you got exactly what was on sale. Case in point: Squirt was on sale but the Pepsi products weren't labeled as on sale even though they had been in the ad. I didn't even bother picking the Pepsi up... not worth the hastle to explain it to the checker.

The best part was that a number of the items had "save now" coupons on them. Such as this BBQ sauce here. Normally over $1.50. It was on sale for $.75 and had a $1 off coupon attatched to it. So I got two of them for free! I am going to save them for one of those recipes that require nearly the whole bottle of sauce for seasoning the meat!

I was also able to get DH those little pre-packages puddings he loves so much. I often pay as much as $1.25 for a pack of 4.. Got these for $.75 ea.

I came out with a cart full of groceries for only $50. I saved over $15. Most of it will go into the freezer to be used later, but it was worth it to get what was on sale. I am still kicking myself for missing the sale on ground beef at one of our local chains. Roth's had 20% fat beef for $1.50/lb last week. I thought it went until the end of the month. Oh well. Next time, maybe.

Interesting fact about Safeway's mix'n'match: the teller told me you do not have to buy 10 of any category (ie: 10 @ 75 cents ea) but if it is labeled with the mix'n'match sale you only need 10 items to save, regardless of thier actual cost. Hence the "mix'n'match"! She was sweet to explain it... she said it was confusing everyone!

I will soon be posting links to the recipes I am using for my once a month cooking! I am excited to start this.

I haven't forgot about crocheting... I am just not finished with anything new. When I am I will post it!

WWW.Beyond-All-Measure.Com (under construction)
Craftster Handle: Measure-once-cut-twice
Crochetville Handle: Beyondallmeasure

Come craft with me!


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