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>> Tuesday, March 17, 2009

photo by: Delta Sierra Graphix

I was asked, "So how do you do this anyway?"

Truth be told, I have not actually ever made anything using a chart. (Aside from the one Filet I made)

It is very much like cross stitch and, of all the cross stitch patterns I have started, I have only ever finished one.

Umm, I guess I am follow-through challenged.

But I LOVE the look of the fillet and the charted afghans. I want to try it. I would even wish to make an afghan. But I probably wouldn't ever finish anything that detailed.

So for right now I am in the dreaming/planning/researching mode.

Part of the was seeing if I could successfully design my own.

The skinny on the graph

Well, graphs are made of squares. Each square is a single color, like a pixel on a digital picture when it gets enlarged. So in order to get your picture to look right on your crocheted creation, you must make sure that you are making squares.

So what is a square? Same distance up and down as side to side. Right? So before you begin a project you should make a little swatch.

Which stitches can be combined to make a square?

Most common stitch used in charting is the single crochet. It is, for the most part, square, and there for each single crochet represents one square.

Another stitch commonly used is the afghan or tunsian stitch. Again, each stitch represents a square. I haven't found much information on how to do it this way, so I will have to keep researching.

So what else makes a square?

A friend of mine had a afghan what was made using double crochets. Three across by two high. This means that for each square you crochet two rows the same. And three double crochets make each square as you are going across the row. However to make the square you have to repeat the row.

Which ever method you choose just be sure to swatch it first. It's be terrible to get most of the way finished with an afghan just to find out your picture was skewed.

The following are links with more information about graphing, charts, and how to use them for crocheting.

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Come craft with me!


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