Legolas Ears or Elvish Ear Warmers-- free crochet pattern

>> Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Legolas Ears or Elvish Ear warmers


I've gotten some heat from ladies at church because I let my children watch the "Lord of the Rings". However, I have chosen to expose them to movies with war themes. I want them to understand that defending those they love is thier responsibility as males. I would have gotten nightmares as a child from these movies, but they seem to be more like their daddy in this regard. If the images were disturbing, I would curb thier exposure. The arguement about the evil of magic doesn't hold up in my book because the writer created an alternate world in which there was definate right and wrong. Do I approve of Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the like? No-- becasue they show magic as acceptable in our world. All magic in our world is Satanic. I have explained this to my boys. I also like it because there is very little or no language. That is very uncommon in war movies.


2 rubber bands or hair elastic, one to fit around each ear
Small amount of Creamy White Worsted Weight yarn (or color of choice – aren’t elves pale?)
Size I/9/5.50MM Crochet hook

With sl st on hook, attatch white yarn to rubber band or elastic. Double over elastic if necessary: it needs to be tight enough to stay on the wearer's ear.

Row 1:
Ch 3. 13 DC in rubber band. 1 TR, 1 DTR, Ch 2, sl st into top of 1 DTR, 1 TR, 7 DC sl st into top of beg ch 3.
Row 2:
Ch 2, DC2tog 5x, 3 DC, DC2 tog (2nd half of this stich is in the ch 2 sp at the top of the DTR of the previous round – or the point of the ear), 4 DC, attach with sl st to top of beg ch 2 sp.
Row 3:
ch 2, DC2tog 7x, attach with sl st to top of beg ch 2 sp.
Row 4: Sl st across opening to close gap in middle. Finish of. Pull ends to inside.

Repeat for other ear.

Give to your favorite "Elvish Impersonator".

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