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>> Thursday, March 12, 2009

This is a letter that my husband's great grandfather wrote to him when he was born. It was included in a gift that was to be given to my DH when he was grown. The gift was a book called "Knowing Jesus."

The letter reads as follows:
"Just a line to Scott Thomas Forbes. A gift enclosed. May he always remember that he had a great grandpa when he came into this world. May he grow up and come to know Jesus. Then if we don't meet in this life we will meet at Jesus' feet in heaven."

The last line makes me tear up!

Two things strike me when I read this letter:
1)We should never underestimate our ability to influence future generations --even those we will never see.

2) There is a great cloud of witnesses waiting for us in heaven. No matter how alone we feel in our faith, we have a cheering squad! And most of them have stuffered beyond anything we will ever endure. If they endured, so can we.

I am so very grateful for my husband's Christian heritage. May we continue in thier footsteps.

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