KIDS-SAFE BOW AND ARROW SET -- free crochet pattern

>> Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Needed for this project:

Yarn or fabric scraps or cotton balls
Ouch-less hair elastics (1 for each arrow)
One sturdy branch, straight with "v" on one end

One sturdy curved branch, bendy
Small amount of worsted weight yarn any color
G\6\ 4.25 mm crochet hook
About 5 minutes time

Attach yarn in a crisscross pattern to one end of the ‘bendy’ branch. Secure with a knot.

Loop around branch again so that you have a loop to put your hook into
Make a crocheted chain as long as needed to reach the other end of the branch. The bow and arrow should be shaped like a capital "D." the branch is the curvy part and the chain is the straight part. The chain must not be loose, or the arrow will not shoot.

Secure end of chain to bottom of branch with a knot. If it is too loose after you tie the knot, wrap the chain around the branch until it is tight and then retie the knot.

Chain 10, join into ring, ch 3
Row 1: 1dc in each ch across, ch 3 turn.
Row 2: rep row 1
Row 3: in a continuous circle: sc2tog until circle is closed in
Finish off.
Tuck ends into middle
Stuff middle with scraps or cotton balls.
Secure with hair elastic to end of arrow opposite the "v."

Inform your little archer that if the bow-and-arrow maker is shot she cannot make any more arrows!

Coming soon: a quiver for your arrows!


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