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>> Saturday, March 28, 2009

I am trying. Really trying hard to be frugal. To spend less. To be more aware of where our $ is going. Today I made two blunders on my learning curve.

1) Safeway was having this great sale. 10 selected items for $.75 ea. Good deal on 2 ltr soda, salads, refried beans, paper towels, etc. However, I was not sure to check that all my idems were actually salw items. I guess my diet mt. dew wasn't cause it didn't count and I ended up paying full price for everything. NOTE TO SELF: Don't go shopping on a Saturday when they are busy and double check everything before you go to the checkout. Other wise you are wasting time and $!

2) Last week I got 12 pk of sausage links for $1.25/ea at Grocery Outlet. Tonight when I went to cook them up I realized they were "Hot and Spicy" --with Tabasco sauce! DH likes it, but it sent me and my little ones running for a drink! NOTE TO SELF: Double check when an item seems really cheep... there might be a reason!

The good thing that happened was DH came with me to Safeway. I think he appreciated seeing me trying to be wise with our $-- and also how frustrated I was when it didn't work out as I had planned. I used to be a spend-a-holic. Now when I get the urge to buy something, I try to find something free on the internet... a recipe, a pattern, a program. Usually I just need somethihng new to be excited about for a bit. And that doesn't cost me anything.

It means the world to me when I can see his appreciation for me and what I do reflected in his eyes. That really makes all this struggle worth it. That, and I know it pleases God.

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