The care of fine hair-- seeking advice

>> Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This is about what my hair looks like. And what it does all the time -- the wispy thing!

I like this picture of Drea DeMatteo because I actually wear my hair like this often! I am wearing my hair like this is my picture here on the blog!

Although I have a lot of hair, each stand is very thin/fine. It used to comfuse me... one beautician would say it was thick, another thin. Finally I was told that each strand is thin, but there is so much of it, it is very thick as a whole.

Having fine hair causes problems. I can't brush it when it is wet. If I do, it stretches and the hair rips right off in the comb.

So I usually wait til it is dry and then brush through it... but I guess that causes split ends.

The brush worked until I got my perm. Now it just rips the hair out too. I get a hand full of hair everytime I brush it! And I mean a whole hand full!!!

It is so frustrating.

I just started using my hand as a pick. I found it causes less damage.

Does any one else have thin hair? How do you deal with it? I'm pretty no nonsense about my hair... so I'm not likelly to try complicatyed treatments!

But any advice you have would be great.

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