Boys-- they are always up to something-- aren't they?

>> Thursday, March 12, 2009

My DSs, ages 4 and 7 were outside today. Under the pretense of playing one the trapoline. That was mostly true. But when I stuck my head out the back door to check on them, my eldest was packing shovelfuls of dirt clods toward the trampoline.

"WHAT are you DOING?"

"We're putting dirt on the trampoline. When we jump the wind blowes it away!" was the answer.

I had to keep a stern face and not laugh at them. I don't want to encourage such foolishness.

Boys. What else can I say?

"NO." I told them. "You are NOT. Get the broom from the kitchen and sweep it all off."

Most of it came off. Of the trampoline anyway. My boys still need a bath!

No, they didn't even get scolded. I want them to have an inquisitive mind. There are just somethings that I don't want to have to CLEAN-- like dirt off a trampoline!

Their Daddy and I got a good chuckle out of it!

Heaven help us all... What will they think of next?

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